CULS Mooting

CULS Mooting is dedicated to promoting the passion for mooting and advocacy among both law and non-law students at Cambridge University. 

CULS Mooting occupies a central role in Cambridge’s illustrious mooting history. We are host to various mooting competitions such as the De Smith Moot and the Fledglings Moot organised by Blackstone and Quadrant Chambers respectively, as well as the Brick Court Moot amongst others. 

Further afield, our mooters have fared well against other universities across the UK and the world, and have had the opportunity to be judged by distinguished barristers and judges. 

Our mooters will gain the opportunity to learn from, be adjudicated by and work closely alongside notable members of the Bar. CULS Mooting provides a rare opportunity for students to learn from and contribute to advocacy at Cambridge.   


Please note that this timetable is tentative (as of August 2019) and is not exhaustive. 

I. It applies only to moots that CULS Mooting organises, not external moots. 
II. It is meant to provide an approximate timeline for when the moots will take place. 
III. The various subcommittees will confirm the finalised dates via email. 

20 Essex Court

Speed Moot

Saturday 8th February 2020 (TBC)

Pump Court Tax Chambers

Speed Moot

Saturday 18th January 2020 (TBC)

XXIV Old Buildings

Speed Moot

Saturday 2nd November 2019 (TBC)

Keating Chambers

Arbitration Moot

Saturday 18th January 2020


R1: Saturday 19th October
R2: Saturday 16th November
R3: Saturday 25th January
R4: Saturday 22nd February
R5: Saturday 3rd March


R1: Saturday 9th November
R2: Saturday 1st February
R3: Saturday 29th February
R4: 2nd week of March (TBC)

De Smith

R1: Saturday 12th October
R2: Saturday 16th November
R3: Saturday 25th January
R4: Thursday 27th February

Brick Court

R1: Saturday 26th October
R2: Saturday 23rd November
R3: Saturday 15th February
R4: Last week of February (TBC)

Mistress and Masters of Moots

Gabriel Tan

Natalie Yeo

Darius Ng

Contact Us

For enquiries regarding the specific moots we organise: 

For chambers and students wishing to make general enquiries:

For urgent matters, you may contact the Masters and Mistress of Moots directly.

Our Moots

De Smith Moot

The De Smith Moot is Sponsored by Blackstone Chambers. It is an individual moot. Participants must have had some prior mooting experience, and moot problems can be on any core area of law. 

Brick Court

The Brick Court Moot is sponsored by Brick Court Chambers. It is a team moot (in pairs). There is no need for participants to have prior mooting experience, and no restrictions on how the team is formed. Moot problems can be on any core area of law. 


The Cuppers Moot is sponsored by Atkin Chambers. It is a team moot. There is no need for participants to have prior mooting experience, but teams must come from the same College. Moot problems can be on any core area of law.


The Fledglings Moot is sponsored by Quadrant Chambers. It is an individual moot for beginners. Participants should not have had any prior mooting experience (for those with only College moot experience, we placed them on the waitlist). Moot problems should only be on first-year areas of law.

Speed Moots

There are currently four speed moots. Speed moots usually span the course of a day, unlike other moots which span across a few weeks or months. The problem will be released only on the day of the moot and as such, require less time commitment. 

Our Achievements

OUP & ICCA National Mooting Competition


The Oxford University Press & Inns of Court College of Advocacy National Mooting Competition has mooters facing stiff competition from over 60 other universities across the UK.

The problems and rounds are written and judged by distinguished barristers, and thus affords mooters a unique opportunity to learn from and interact with members of the Bar. It is for this reason that the OUP & ICCA National Mooting Competition is both challenging and rewarding. Moot problems were set on a variety of areas, from Conflict of Laws, Family Law, Criminal Procedure and Evidence to Intellectual Property, and the rounds were in turn often judged by barristers who specialised in the subject matter. 

Natalie Yeo (Jesus College) and Darius Ng (Girton College) emerged semi-finalists.