About the Cambridge University Law Society

The Cambridge University Law Society is one of the oldest (founded 1901) and largest student run societies in the University of Cambridge, the country and indeed the world. With thousands of members globally, our aims are manifold and enterprises diverse.
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President's Address

Dear all,

Welcome to the official Cambridge University Law Society (CULS) website. I am Sophia Nie, and I will be your CULS President for the academic year 2022-23.

I would like to extend the warmest welcome to you on behalf of our society. Founded in 1901, CULS is one of the largest, oldest and most active societies in Cambridge. Over the years, CULS’ activities have both grown and diversified. We run a vast array of social, career, welfare and speaker events, manage award winning Pro Bono projects, organise world class moots and host three of the most memorable events on the Cambridge calendar: the Law Ball, Lent Gala and Summer Garden Party. Therefore, CULS is truly for everyone.

We have a lot to be proud of within our society. CULS has significantly expanded in recent years with the establishment of new departments and initiatives. This year, we are excited to add to these achievements through our new Diversity & Inclusion department, mooting and careers initiatives, diversified events and more.

CULS is not just a society, it is a community. It is one that has gone from strength to strength, even during the unprecedented time of covid-19, and has strengthened even more with the transition back to in-person events. CULS is a place where members will make friends and connections for life, as well as have a packed calendar of events and opportunities available to them. We highly encourage you to follow our social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram) to keep up to date with events and opportunities within our society.

We would like to thank our current and new sponsors for their generous support to our society. We look forward to working with every one of you in the coming year.

To our members, thank you for your continued support of CULS and to our new members, we cannot wait to welcome you to CULS. I look forward to seeing you at many events during the year ahead.

Sophia Nie
CULS President 2022-23