Law at Cambridge

The Law Tripos

At Cambridge we call our BA degrees a ‘tripos’. Legend has it that this comes from the days when students were examined while sitting in a three-legged-stool. Today, you will study Law at Cambridge in more comfortable seating. Here’s what you can expect:

Structure of the Course

The Law tripos is divided into 3 parts: Part IA, Part IB and Part II.

Part 1A is examined at the end of first year; part 1B at the end of second year and part II at the end of third year.

Compulsory Papers

Currently, to gain a qualifying law degree, law students in the UK must study 7 core subjects (or papers as we call them here).

These are: Criminal Law, Tort Law, Constitutional Law, Contract Law, Land Law, Equity Law and EU Law.

In Cambridge, you’ll study these papers across the 3 years.

First year: Criminal, Tort and Constitutional*
Second year: Contract and Land
Third year: Equity and EU

*In first year you’ll also study Roman (Civil) Law as a compulsory paper.

Optional Papers

In Part 1B and Part II of tripos, you’ll get the opportunity to choose several papers to study alongside the compulsory papers.

Options cover a wide range of legal topics to peak your interests – be it International Law, Company Law, Criminology, Jurisprudence and many more. The list of current optional papers can be found below:

optional papers

Lawyers at Cambridge are incredibly lucky to have the chance to study abroad on the Erasmus+ scheme. We currently have partnerships with universities in Madrid, Poitiers, Regensburg and Utrecht for a full academic year before you undertake your final (Part II) year.

You will need to have a certain standard of Spanish, French or German to study in the first three while Utrecht will be English language learning. To participate in the scheme, written applications are made and language interviews held in second year.

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