Margherita Cornaglia

Margherita is a barrister specialising in climate litigation and equality and discrimination. Since leaving Cambridge, she spent time exploring human rights law and international criminal law, the latter via an internship at the International Criminal Court where she was in part supervised by her undergraduate dissertation supervisor, whom she now considers a friend. Margherita returned to practise at the Bar in September 2020 following a year spent working as the last Judicial Assistant to Lord Kerr of Tonaghmore at the UK Supreme Court. Her time with Lord Kerr and his priceless guidance continue to inform her career development and professional choices. Margherita is committed to using the law to fight the climate and ecological emergency. Her involvement in the climate movement began at the grassroots level, where she worked with local activist groups to use the law and legal thought to ensure that sustainability was at the core of local decision-making. She is now developing a specialist practice in strategic climate litigation and is experienced in providing advice on case strategies from origination through to funding and development. Margherita combines creative thought with climate literacy to assist clients wishing to develop innovative litigation strategies and is accustomed to working with litigation partners in the UK and abroad. She continues, in her spare time, to work with lawyers, scientists and journalists in Italy, her home country, where she hopes to incentivise greater public and legal engagement with the climate crisis.